A love squandered

A love dimmed by a fog of uncertainty

In a swirl of darkness armed, rather shielded, with a match of truth

A heart crinkled and dry

Crushed and tossed into a waste basket, a top a pile of many others.

A mind boggled, tight ropes of grey matter

Wound taut enough to suffocate my chest and rinse my body, free of tears.

A love unimagined and  invisible

Petals of red and gold, blooming with beauty

Colors intensified with golden pollens of dust

Salts of immense care and compassion, immersed in air and free to be attained

But invisible and put to squander

A love in semblance of a like

In semblance of a friendship, disseminated

Few casual words exchanged above laughs and familial interactions

Act III, scene one, she smiles, he nods, they carry on as if nothing has happened

Because, nothing has happened.

A love forgotten and rekindled, then rekindled

A love alone and empathized

A love alone and still ignored

A love hidden and unwillingly endured