I will wait

I will wiggle my way though the crevices of your luggage zipper

And lie on the window panes of your aircraft

I will leave the stain of my love on your skin

And the taste of my agony on your lips,

I will send you written expressions of false happiness

On recently salted, now wrinkled paper

Excessive narrations of recent events

Dictations of happenings to dilute thoughts of the truth

I – will- wait

I will climb into your ear and whisper semblances of a better past

Recollection of nonchalant hellos and once carefree goodbyes

I will rustle my way to the top of your shirt pocket.

And rest my hands and ears across the cleft of your chest.

I will share only the best of me as you continue to endure your worst

Utter lies of reassurance, shielding signs of fear and self doubt

I will hang on to your monotones, your laughs and jovial expressions

Shed my tears with loathe and in hiding, and deny our present tensions.

I will come to you

I will bring you all of me, more so than you ever had

Numb of speech, from so much to say

Forgetful of all past dismay…….

I will bring you similes of incomplete expression

Of love with no definition

Of pain without rendition

I will bring you similes of a feeling so sublime

Of the love our bodies will mime

Of a bond, that has stood the test of time.