Love Aneurysm

I am so afraid of my own skin
Afraid to lose control, afraid I already have
I don’t know how to cry and when I seldom do it
burns too much to go on

I’m so afraid I may love you
And so terrified that you may love me back
I’m afraid to see myself through your eyes
And afraid I may like what I see

Suppose I start to need you
What happens when you leave
Suppose I start to love you
What happens when you cheat

Suppose it all goes perfectly
As perfect as love can be
Suppose I lose out on something
That was actually meant to be

Suppose it turns out one day, that we become an us
What happens when we run out of compromise and
love comes secondary to lust.
Suppose this fairytale of two becomes somewhat of a
When I’ve invested so much of me to watch it become unhappily ever after.