This is your backyard! Why are you going so far away when you should be enjoying this.

Staycations are essential for anyone who is at least 80% committed to anything. When heavenly invested in any one thing, time away from that entity can be the best facilitator of continued success. Just as absence from a significant other makes the heart grow fonder, so does absence from the workplace make the mind grow stronger. My simple self fulfilling prophecy is driven by two things, 1) always asking what matters most, in most every situation, and 2)knowing when it’s time to decompress. I approach my lunch breaks, time at home, and vacations with the same vigor I display at work.

I grew up in a pretty popular tourist destination. Though I was afforded a well-catered life, I was exposed to many of the islands gems when I was too young to remember, or not at all. As an adult, I returned home several times a year. I discovered and enjoyed so much of the island in that time and frequently found myself saying, “I didn’t know we had that here.”

Once, on my way back from Jamaica, I began to ponder, “If I didn’t live and/or work here what would I fly into Miami to see?” What awesome things are tourists doing that I’m missing out on as a local. These thoughts further encouraged my efforts to live a well rounded life, my best lived life. In addition to, or in substitution of the monthly excursions I’d employ, on long weekends I’d make efforts to get away from my immediate surroundings and taking a drive out to see what Florida has to offer.

Making Plans

Staycations are great for well needed mental-health days away from residential stressors. Whether that be work, motherhood or a relationship, time away (together or apart) can truly ease tensions. Reprieve doesn’t need to be thousands of miles away to render rest and relaxation. Staycations don’t require much planning and can be very budget friendly. A great tool for bargain staycation planning is Groupon. Groupon getaways has daily updated listings of nearby hotels and B&Bs at great prices. The site also displays budget friendly things-to-do within your chosen vicinity. Sites like The New Times provide a relatively good calendar for events taking place in the Tri-county area (Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami) and can be beneficial when devising an itinerary for your long weekend. Another great tool for any type of vacation planning is Trip Advisor. Before you book anything be sure to check out reviews and traveller’s photos. If you can’t afford accommodations, Staycations can be enjoyed from home. If you’re seeking some time alone with your partner, ship the kids off to their favorite family member and commit to a planned itinerary. It is harder to relax when in the confines of your home, but if your options are limited, you can make the best of it. Commit to being selfish and enjoy your time off in the way you would if you were away. This is not the weekend to fix things around the house or organize the pantry.

Some Great Florida Staycation Spots include

Miami (South Beach, Coconut Grove)

Key West


St. Augustine

Amelia Island

Sanibel Island

Marco Island/ Naples

Tampa/ St. Petersburg

Panama City

Daytona Beach

Palm Beach

Fort Lauderdale

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What’s your favorite staycation spot?


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