The Rusty Pelican is one of few restaurants that actually doesn’t compensate for mediocre food with its flare. Sure, it’s not the best eat you’ll enjoy in Miami, but this restaurant is one of few that provides a wholesome dining experience. The panoramic views hit you from every end of the eatery. The views from the inside as striking as those rendered outside. The wait staff is friendly and one of the most unobtrusively attentive group I have had the pleasure of dining under. During  brunch, while our waiter wasn’t on our table like white on rice, he was a stone throws away at all times. Two managers came by to assess our satisfaction with the service and shared upcoming events exclusive to the restaurant.

We spent hours at the restaurant. This was mostly in part to the great company but the unlimited mimosa (smostly champagne with just a hint of orange juice) and great but highly potent drinks kept us grounded. The food was pretty good but I’ve had far better Crab Cake Benedict at Balans and much better key lime pie at Captain Jim’s. My companions had  a far tastier Biscayne Burger and the Pulled Pork Benedict with a side of chicken apple sausage. The chicken apple sausage was just delicious.

Rusty Pelican is truly waterfront dining at it’s best. The Menus are eclectic and rich with fantastic lunch and dinner options and a somewhat comparable brunch selection. Be sure to visit this beautiful eatery for a romantic night out with striking views of the skyline and a dimly lit ambiance.

Recommended Course

Appetizer Buffalo Mozzarella and Watermelon $14

Main Course Egg and Bacon Sandwich $14

Dessert Banana Bread Pudding $7.25

To Drink Unlimited Mimosas $18