Committing yourself to doing something new every month doesn’t have to come in extravagant out of the box ways. It’s simply a promise to try something you’ve never done. Nine out of ten times you’ll find you were better off for it.

My coworker went on for days and days, asking “So what are we doing for Cinco de Mayo.” I refuted, constantly pondering this was “a thing.” “Why are you so eager to do something?” None of us are of Latin descent, so there is no significance to the holiday. Heading anywhere but home, after work, on a Monday afternoon, is not my idea of a good time but in the spirit of doing something different I met my friends at Lime.

To my surprise I had such a great time. We went to the Lime located in the shops of Pembroke Gardens. The line was around the block but we quickly ordered our food and in no time the four of us were seated. I ordered my trusted Nach’yo Momma’s Nachos and a cup of sangria (at the advice of my friend). The sangria turned out to be very tasty! We all got pretty tipsy of just one glass.

The restaurateurs closed of the neighboring street and set up a pretty fun block party. The resident DJ played really well and had us on our feet for much of the night. We didn’t leave until after 11pm.

South Florida is rife with ways to spend Cinco de Mayo. Experiencing such a great introduction to the festivities has me eager to up the ante next year.

All images ©  2014 Donnatilda Tabana