Oh the embarrassment!

A girls first time can bring on a rush of emotions. For starters, anxiety, a sense of unsurety, numbing feelings of euphoria, and even embarrassment.

As an elaborate birthday gift, I planned a surprise night at the W for my then boyfriend. The lovingly planned scheme was set up for us to spend a night in one of the hotels luxurious suites.  An evening draped in lace lingerie, a four star candlelight dinner and beautiful views of the Fort Lauderdale beach ensued. Overwhelmed by the gesture, he insisted on closing the night with some ‘southern cuisine‘.

A few moments passed- literally a few- and I found myself squealing “stop, stop, stop, stop” and feebly yet direly trying to pry his head away. Before I knew it, a rush of fluid gushed out as intensely uninterrupted as my climax. I was so embarrassed. This had taken place before, but only when I was on my own. His face was frozen in a questionable state of shock. I couldn’t tell what the look meant. I immediately pleaded, “I’m so sorry. I told you to stop. I swear, I didn’t pee. It’s not pee” The words came out so quickly, possibly even incoherently. He said it was fine and the rest of the night went well, but I laid in bed most of the time feeling unsure of what “fine,” meant.

From then on, there was a concerted effort-on his part- to have the events repeated. Almost to points of sheer exhaustion. It was no longer good enough that I climaxed, he had to achieve the waterworks too.

I was recently on the phone with a very good friend of mine, gossiping about whatever crap reality show we indulged in days before. Out of nowhere, she said, “I wish I could squirt.” I chuckled at the randomness of the statement, then asked, “why?” She wasn’t sure but the notions more or less centered on feeling like she was left out of the loop.

I’m not sure there is anything at all that is physically sexy about squirting. Perhaps the turn on comes from the ego stroking one gets from rendering such an enormous climax. Most men claim to more or less have an idea of when a woman has achieved orgasm and/or when she’s “faking it,” but the truth is that no one can ever be 100% sure. As a woman, how sure could you be if a man did not ejaculate?

Squirting -while nothing to be ashamed of- is nothing to be envied. It can require quite a bit of prep-work (towels for instance) and if not, then it requires even more clean up. This is not something that renders a post-coital wet spot, it’s a whole post-coital clean up. In addition, though odorless and frankly colorless-opaque, researchers are still unable to conclusively determine the exact source and nature of female ejaculate.

Female ejaculation has made it’s way into urban songs and youthful culture but it remains taboo. It is still considered an almost perverse, freaky act, that mostly porn stars do to sell videos. However, several studies indicate that anywhere between 35 and 50% of women are able to squirt.

For general questions regarding female ejaculation, see the following articles courtesy of Netdoctor and Pscychology Today.

What are your thoughts on female ejaculation?