As a form of consolation, many men have been lead to believe that it is not in fact the size of the boat that matters but the motion of the ocean. We all know this isn’t true.

While a small member is an area of sadness and disappointment I’d rather not revisit as I write this post, a large and long member is not the comparable resolve. Satisfaction is the baseline goal of intercourse and while that is hardly ever achieved with a minuscule penis, it is equally unattainable with a humongous one.

When I was younger it was almost an area of esteem to be able to manage large packages. To climb aboard the Mandingo express and ride that stallion like a champ. Yes, this girl can take it. I will not falter, I will perform at by best. I will hold in the screams and revel in the feeling that mimics a pole being driven up into ones chest. I can do this!

As one gets older, that novelty wears off. It becomes more of hassle. The need to conquer challenges vastly loses its allure, and all one wants is to have a good time and still be able to pee and/or walk after. A woman then comes to appreciate the appeal of the moderately sized penis……oh the splendor.

Here are a few reasons why moderately sized penises are awesome!

  1. There is no penis intimidation. Every woman who has had a large partner can relate to that pre-insertion quiver. That, I’m not gonna look at it and I’m gonna brace, no relax my body, no brace…sigh…cringe…it’s in. Moderately sized penises make a great impression as they painlessly but somewhat forcefully, just glide on in. They make the right statement on entrance, saying “hey, I’m here, I know….i’m awesome,” as opposed to an abrupt blow through the door that immediately makes it’s way to unwelcomed crevices, “Aye! I’m pretty sure that’s my cervix.”
  2. There is no need for a timely recovery. After coitus, I was once unable to walk totally erect. This went on for days. It was funny and impressive at first but after a while I considered getting checked out. Not to mention that I had to pee in small squinted segments as I sat leaned to the right on the toilet. Why? Why? After that kind of massacring, who would want that thing back in there right way. A moderate penis can still shift up a womb. However, because the damage is easily reparable, one is far more adept to consent to multiple rounds.
  3. Penis at leisure. Having sex all day, every day, anywhere at any time is awesome. It is no secret that things get very heated at the beginning of a relationship and somewhat die down after. The problem with larger penises is that one begins to develop a fear of taking breaks. Being a flexible muscle the vagina conforms to meet it’s partner. After about the 3rd-8th time one finally accommodates to the girth of their partners tool. Then bam! He has to go away for a bit and before you know it, it’s shrunk right back down and you have to start the accommodation process all over again. That means 3-8 more sessions of somewhat painful sex, before we can get to the fun.
  4. It fits. This is a huge deal-pun actually not intended. Men with large penises have been cheated of having their member completely engulfed by female genitalia. The canal is after all so long, but that’s no deterrent to him, he will never give up. There will be an endless attempt to get that last two inches in. With concerted efforts, he tells himself, “One day I’m gonna make it. One day.” Meanwhile, your gynecologist would have had a lengthy talk with you about the integrity of your cervix and the need to “perhaps, take things down a notch.”
  5. Lockjaw is a real thing, but you wont have to experience it. Because guess what, your partner can melt in your mouth without you having to use your hands. You know when you go to the dentist, and you’ve had your mouth wide open so long that all you can think, is gosh, my mouth corners would kill for some Vaseline. Well  these are the thoughts that come rushing to your head while you’re down there. Also, while gagging every now and again can be pretty fun and does a great job of getting the salivary glands going, no one enjoys a full gag session.
  6. Uh that’s the wrong hole buddy. It’s happened to us all. Whether it was truly an error in judgement or a sly attempt to come in through the backdoor, we will never know. When the moderate penis makes this attempt, it’s a quick save and it is immediately redirected to the proper entrance without a mere hiccough. When a much larger penis grazes just south of one’s taint, there is sheer PANIC…”uh no no no no, not there! sorry, wrong hole.” Feelings that mirror escaping a near death experience, have no place in the bedroom.
  7. Larger penises are just as hard to maneuver for men as they are for women. Yup! several women’s health magazines inferred that sex with average sized men (5-6 inches) is deemed far more pleasurable to women. Larger men have received fulfilling reactions from jack-hammer performances, and as such are often not as compelled to hone in their craft.

Anything greater than 6 inches is considered to be a large penis. Sizes that greater than 8 inches-in length- are considered your XXL, gold condom wrapper, magnum sized tools.  While the length of the vaginal canal anatomically varies in size, the average length of a child bearing females canal is only 3.5 inches. That said some canals are as long as 7 inches. Also, during arousal a woman’s cervix does lift, which yields room for anywhere from 0.5- 1 inch more.

As a man, regardless of your size, be with someone who appreciates all of you. It is an important sense of being to please our partners and for them to be pleased by us. Sex isn’t everything, but it is a whole lot. Be with a partner who enjoys being with you.

And now…

An ode to the very well endowed..

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