South Florida is filled with breathtaking beaches and a fair number of great eateries. ThoughHollywood beach is one such place. It’s a far quieter beach town, that offers luxury oceanfront amenities without the pretentiousness you’d find in Miami or the droves of tourist you’ll meander through in Fort Lauderdale.

This past Memorial day, a few friends and I made plans to have lunch at the Marriott’s, Latitudes. For the most part, the food is just okay but the location is spectacular. Located directly on Hollywood Beach’s boardwalk, Latitudes is a prime spot for direct beach access and endless people watching. The wait staff is friendly enough but understaffed and it shows. If you’re a needy diner, this place isn’t for you. The live band is great and the serenading adequately amplifies the dining experience.

Our waiter recommended the calamari but it was oily, overly breaded, and inadequately seasoned.  The popcorn shrimp was tasty but pretty greasy as well. The highlight of the entire course, however, was the Crab and Lobster cakes. They were so delicious, I opted to have them for my entrée. Other meals shared included the Beachside burger and the Build-your-own Pizza, but neither are worthy of mention. Drinks ordered included a mojito, margarita, bahamarita and Pinot noir, all of which were just okay.

Latitudes is definitely a great spot to meet up with friends and share a light meal. Collectively, the experience is just average but sometimes good enough is more than good enuff.

Recommended Course

To start: Crab and Lobster Cakes $15

Entrée: Crab Cakes and your choice of sides $15 + $4

Dessert: Creme Brulee $8

To Drink: It’s a full service bar so get you’re signature drink

For the complete menu, click here.

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