Sugar Reef Grill is one of Hollywood Beach’s most well reviewed eateries. This Zagat rated restaurant has been highly revered on peer review forums such as Yelp and Opentable and featured in several South Florida publications, including the Miami Herald. I’ve found myself spending quite a few Sundays in Hollywood now a days. Miami still has a great deal to offer in the culinary realm but the over the top experiences and the prices one must pay for pretension can sometimes be a bit much.

Hollywood Beach is a far more turned down version of the infamous South Beach. The tranquil crowds and sea of locals makes Hollywood a great beach destination for south Floridians.  Sugar Reef emulates that tranquility. Here it’s quite simply all about the food. Located towards the northern most corner of a strip mall, the location is rather inconspicuous. A few steps up and you’ll be immediately taken by the northern Caribbean decor. The walls are draped in a deep sea Caribbean blue and accented with mosaic tiles. It’s very reminiscent of the island. The restaurant is small but in the most intimate way, and being on the beach doesn’t hurt the ambiance either. The waitstaff was pleasant but more or less stumbled through their presentation, and could have been more attentive. The Maitre d’ was incredibly attentive. She had the warmest demeanor and displayed an earnest interest in ensuring our experience was on par.

We ordered several dishes and none were disappointing. The food at Sugar Reef’s is prepared with Caribbean influences, serving jerk dishes, scotch bonnet spices, curried coconut reductions and creole seasonings. If you’re a fan of Coconut Grove’s Ortanique, then you’ll be happy you dined at Sugar Reef Grill. The hours are somewhat unusual (serving only dinner on weekdays, ie. 5-11pm). Sunday Brunch is just that, with options for breakfast meals and lunch specials. Dinner is not served until well after two, so if you’re looking for an open menu, this is not the way to go. That said, the staff is very accommodating and if you just can’t do without dinner, they’ll probably to make an exception. The next time your by the board walk, be sure to stop by.

What to wear: Come as you are

Recommended Course

To start: Fried Calamari

Entree (Breakfast): Eggs Benedict Jamaican Style (with Jerked Pork Loin)

Entree (Lunch): Blackened Salmon with Mango Salsa

Dessert: Key Lime Pie

To Drink: It’s brunch…Enjoy a Mimosa!