Had it not been for Groupon I would have never heard of the Dezer collection, let alone visited.  Situated opposite FIU’s north campus is Miami Auto Museum, home to the Dezer collection. Even if you’re not a car buff, it’s transfixing to see well-preserved and/or restored vehicles from another time. If you’re not wowed by the 1960s diner scenes or the European drop back that sets the stage for several vespas, the many Hollywood restorations are just plain cool. See quite a few cars from the Batman enterprise, Scooby Doo’s infamous camper, and tons of memorabilia from the James Bond franchise.

Tickets to see the Dezer collection are currently $50 for adults. Though it’s a worthy experience I wouldn’t go as far as saying the experience is worth that much. Coupons are frequently available, and the more in attendance the better the deal. For example, a family of four (2 adults and 2 children under 12) will gain admission for a total of $90.  That said, the museum can be slightly hard to find. Your gps will most likely bring you to an alternate entrance that appears to be a closed garage. The actual entrance is just along NE 20th lane with more than ample parking an artistic display of wall art.

The Dezer collection is very impressive but it’s not exactly for everyone. While I’m glad I went, it’s not an experience that cannot be missed. Go for yourself and see!

Have you been to see the Dezer collection. What were your impressions of the museums vast array of automotive art?