In today’s world of social distractions and camera phones, perhaps a true hallmark of good food is when it doesn’t even occur to you to take a photo until you’re well into your meal. Balans isn’t by any means a fancy eatery. It’s not the best place for a burger nor is it the best place for a salad. What Balans is, is incredibly consistently good food. No matter which of the franchises you visit, you are sure to have a meal that’ll be consistently tasty and very well prepared.

For years, I’ve visited Balans, Brickell for their a la carte brunch. Hands-down you will enjoy one of the best crab cake Benedict you’ll find anywhere in South Florida. Last week I met some friends for a late lunch at their Health District location. The meals didn’t disappoint and the drinks were so potent, they all but delayed the possibility of us leaving there.

Recommended Course (Lunch)

Appetizer: Crab Cake $9.95 (We had the calamari and while it was fresh, the breading was rather disappointing)

Main Course: Balan’s US1 Prime Burger $10.50

Dessert: Bread Pudding $7.75

To Drink: Mai Tai $11.50

To see the full Balan’s menu click here.

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