I first heard about Sea Salt and Pepper from a bougie friend of mine.  I assumed it wouldn’t be the kind of place I’d opt to frequent but would be a great option for a special occasion. As a part of my birthday shenanigans I decided to visit the restaurant on a Saturday. I made reservations through Open Table, which quickly alerted me that there would be whopping minimum $50 per person fee if the reservation is abruptly cancelled. The restaurant site also alerted us of their docking fee for those arriving by boat. The more investigating I did, the more I feared the restaurant would wreak of pretentiousness. Not at all the case. That’s not to say it’s your run of the mill restaurant but is devoid of the south breach pretension.

Upon arrival the raw seaside smell, courtesy of the Miami river, is meagerly off-putting but soon evaporates once you’ve gotten to the eatery. The place is very well designed and the space is used to yield a very chic sense of comfort. It truly renders a sense of chic and calming elegance. The wait staff is just gorgeous, we spent a fair amount of time lamenting over the staff and joking about how casting calls and model portfolios must have been brought in to secure ones spot as a waiter at Seal Salt and Pepper. The cocktails are actually very good but somewhat pricey (avg $16) The food is very well prepared but not exactly fine dining. The atmosphere on the other hand is just wonderful. I was tempted to kick off my Giuseppe’s and lay right along our booth. All in all it is worth the visit and I foresee that I’ll be taking in several more sunsets at  Sea Spice.

Recommended Course:

Appetizer Lobster Bisque &17

Entrée Market Seafood $35 per person (By far the best value)

Dessert Tres Leches $9

To Drink They’ll make anything you ask. I requested a mango mojito which wasn’t on the menu and it was absolutely delish! The wine list is also vast and quite decadent. The cocktail lists is inventive and even includes signature sangrias!

mode $8