Instagram has become a second google search for me, especially when it comes to fashion and social tips. Last week a gorgeous young lady liked one of my diner en blanc posts and so I went on her page. I saw a pic she took in what I assumed to be some New York dive that I thought looked pretty cool. I clicked on the location tag and to my pleasant surprise, saw that Louis Bossi’s was right in my backyard. I called up a few friends to see what they were up to and soon after made a reservation.

The most, and only challenging thing about the restaurant centered on the reservation. I called the restaurant a day after I made the initial reservation (Wednesday) to add a person to my party. In doing so, I also requested seating on the back patio which I was assured would be no problem. On Saturday, I missed a call from the hostess asking me to call and confirm my reservation. Upon doing so, she had a difficult time getting my name right but stated she couldn’t find the reservation. Running out of patience, she told me not to worry she’ll just confirm the 12:30s. Apprehensive, I called a few hrs later to confirm once more. When I did, the current hostess told me my reservation had been cancelled and that she may no longer be able to accommodate my patio request. After sharing my disappointment she stated she would try but would make no guarantees.

When we got to the restaurant, we were greeted with a bit of attitude from the hostess. Determined to have an awesome day I decided to laud her with kindness and we were soon on our way to the back patio. Our server, Victor was just awesome. So knowledgeable, well kempt and  attentive. By far one of the best wait-service experiences I’ve had. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that the back patio was as picturesque as depicted in all the photos, and had resolved that if the food wasn’t that great, then the ambiance would make up for it. Luckily the food was delish! At our waiters recommendation we started with the scones, which though tasty, were much harder than we would have liked. I had the Fritattas di Patate, a delicious flavor balance of cage free eggs, fontina cheese, roasted onions, basil, salumi  and potatoes. My companions ordered the Scrambled eggs on Avocado toast, the Ricotta Crespelle (lemon curd, mascarpone and berry crepes), and the highlight of our meal, the Strata. The strata is Bossi’s version of a breakfast egg lasagna, free of meat, glazed in fresh marina and topped with an over easy cage free egg and a dash of pesto. It was delicious!

This Italian delight is highly recommended. It won’t be long until I’m back.

Recommended Course:

Entrée: Strata $13.5

Dessert: Ricotta Crespelle (Listed as an entree on the menu but a great dessert to share) $12.5

To Drink: The Bottomless Bossi Bellini’s $12