Being a creative and a friend means your services are often volunteered and/or called upon. Creatives love to generate new ideas and bring these ideas to true and epic fruition. It is simply a labor of love, but love doesn’t pay the bills. For those who uphold full time jobs, the creative aspect of our psyche may often be stifled. When those parts of ourselves do appear they often culminate in the form of a hobby, and hobbies can cost a considerable amount of time and money.

For example, I enjoy constructing diaper cakes and stationary items (programs, invitations, etcetera). My present occupation provides for a more than comfortable lifestyle. As such, financing my hobbies at a personal cost has never been a deterrent. On the other hand, a talent devoid of financial return is truly one that has not met its greatest potential. For those who seek primary income from creative endeavors, there may be a constant conflict in regards to offering free services. 

Kindness is valuable and provides the most sincere and consistent return on one’s investment. The idea is to give cautiously and reciprocatively. Assessing what you stand to achieve from giving is not insincere, it’s smart. This is not an indication that one should be kind solely on the condition of personal gain. I am suggesting that as a speculator, your views be modified and that you embrace every kindness as a transaction. That is, a general systems manipulation in which there is a proprietor, the consumer and the coveted goods. Kindness can and often does generate wealth.

Despite popular belief, many have made it relying on the kindness of strangers. And those who were helped do remember those who once helped them. Kindness is the essence of networking and networking always pays.

So when is kindness most beneficial?

  1. When there is nothing to gain at all. It’s simply the best chicken soup for the soul and what goes around will come around, often when you least expect it.
  2. When the right people may be in the room. Is a friend of yours going to a prominent event? Has time escaped her and she needs a killer do? Lay your best hair styling skills on her; tailor your best suit; lend her your most priceless jewelry. The attention she receives will be redirected to you. She’ll be greeted by every key player in the room and eventually the mundane small talk will lead to, “Where did you get those earrings?”
  3. When it offers an opportunity for self advertising. The next time a friend asks for a cake, offer to deliver the piece. Set it up and wait for the gawkers to approach.

I know this may appear as bartering but if your goal is to secure your financial (and often mental) stability, even kindness should not be rendered frivolously. I’ve made several lucrative connections based on years of free advertising. My candor and work has been well accepted and recognized at countless showers and events. Through my kindnesses I have established lasting relationships and am now in a position where my services are demanded at a willing cost.

Give with a clean heart and a clear mind.