Located in downtown Miami, EPIC hotel is home to one of Japan’s prestigious Azumi restaurants. Zuma prides itself in offering modern cuisine and unique pairings of flavor. Situated along Biscayne Bay, glass doors and window panes reveal beautiful views of downtown Miami’s skyline. The decor and outside surroundings truly make Zuma worth the trip. The plating and all out presentation of the meals are truly innovative and give Barton G’s artistic flare a run for it’s money. The meals are tasty but nothing that demands a follow up reservation.

Zuma is perhaps one of Miami Beaches most pretentious eateries. Though beautiful, the atmosphere is rather stuffy and is more of a place to be seen than it is to enjoy a good meal. The hostess and servers can often appear cold and uninviting. The service is timely but one may even feel rushed at times. This Japanese restaurant truly furnishes a culinary experience unlike what most of  South Florida has to offer. The menu is meets the needs of pretty much any food preference and is more or less moderately priced

I will revisit Zuma once more. I have received generous recommendations for their brunch and will return to further substantiate or negate this review.

Recommended Course

Appetizer Maguro no Tataki (sliced seared tuna with chili daikon and ponzu sauce)

Entree Yaki (grilled scallops with pickled plum, shiso and mentaiko butter)

Dessert Yuzu key lime pie with sesame coconut tuile

To Drink Lychee Martini

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