Circa February of 2011, my best friend and I visited the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach. Eager to disprove that South Florida lacked culture, I went on a quest to find and explore new things here at home. The Holocaust and the aching stories related to this tragedy are an important part of our World’s history.  In college I took classes on the subject, immersed myself in the events, read several books, and later visited the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.

When I stumbled upon the Memorial online, I made plans  to visit both this site and the neighboring Miami Beach Botanical gardens. Both venues can appear quite underwhelming at first. The memorial is just that. Not a museum per say, but a site to acknowledge the anguish and lives lost as a result of  heinous events. It’s more than that though. Architect and sculpture, Kenneth Treister constructed absolutely heart-rendering pieces that duly capture the mere essence of a troubled time. The sadness is felt but the importance is well depicted.

Visiting the memorial is absolutely free of cost. It is an open, free-standing structure, and is in fact pretty easy to miss (due to its locale on Meridian avenue). It’s important not to forget our hardships so we can remind ourselves of inexcusable events that cannot fall victim to the notions that “history always repeats itself.”

Plan a visit to this memorial. It only requires a brief amount of time but promises to leave a life long impression.

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