Tinder is the internet’s latest dating craze, and for good reason. Unlike other free sites like Okcupid and Plenty Of Fish, Tinder’s matchmaking services come across a tad more legitimate. The application’s interface is incredibly easy to use and comes down to two simple functions, swipe left if you’re not interested and swipe right if you are.  If two persons have chosen each other, then it’s a MATCH! It’s that simple. No one will ever know you’re interested unless they’ve chosen you too. Tinder works directly from your active Facebook profile so in some ways it minimizes the possibility of meeting people whose dating profiles no way reflect their actual lives. If you and someone have mutual Facebook friends, Tinder divulges that too.

Mutual attraction is the foundation of sparking any connection. Sites like Eharmony and Match boast they connect persons on a more intimate level with survey-like questions that get to the core of a person and substantiate the potential for a meaningful exchange. These sites have had moderate success in their connections (if you measure the number of subscribers to the number of persons successfully paired). No matter the surveys, profile pics and bonding, the crucial moment still boils down to when two people meet. So why spend upwards of 20+ dollars a month to spark a conversation that leads to  the same eventual desire to meet.

The simplicity of the application and the inability to scurry up this over-amplified version of yourself is what makes Tinder appear legitimate. In all its simplicity, Tinder highlight’s what’s most important to us and eliminates pretense (unless your entire Facebook profile is fake). There’s a more or less accurate assumption that the photos we choose to be our profile pictures are the moments, looks or persons of which we’re most proud. As such, here’s a list of 1o reasons they swiped left, and 10 reasons you may actually be glad they did.

Photo credit collegesocial.blogspot

1. There are two problems here but we’ll get to the second one in a minute.

For the most part we’re all over the duck face. But who are we kidding we’ve all done it at one point or another, so why so quick to judge. Well, your face up Tinder profile pic is your last Facebook profile pic. If your still doing the duck face or most of your profile pictures spotlight your pursed lips, they’re swiping to the left.







Photo credit treesugar.com

  2. Profile pics with you cozying up to someone else.

Sure it may be your sister/brother, best friend, whatever, but no one cares. Some will give you the benefit of the doubt, and browse through your other pics. If there’s more than one with the same person of the opposite sex…..you’re getting the left.







Photo credit hercampus.com

 3. Bathroom Selfies.

No one likes them. No one but a select few of your friends cares about the results of your “gym flow.” Some see the cry for attention and feel compelled to applaud your efforts. If your 6 pack abs aren’t the result of your 50+ pound weight loss, we just don’t care.

What’s worse however is that you’re taking half-naked pics in your bathroom. We don’t know what happened before and we don’t know what’s coming after but our wandering minds are disgusted enough to swipe left.




Photo credit storyofmylife.com

4.  Selfies that should be kept private.

Selfies that don’t show your entire face are just a waste a time. Selfies that should only be texted to your friends are another matter. Why is a picture of you trying on something in a store your profile picture? Didn’t you buy the dress? Why not wait until you wore it…..Left.







Photo credit github.com

 5. Drinking pics.

No one’s holds drinking a cocktail against you. They just don’t like the idea that this may be one of your private moments.







Photo credit lostatuniversity.blogspot

 6. Profane Pics.

No one likes pics or descriptors with profanity. It’s just pointless and screams I’m immature and have no self-control.








Photo credit snack chat

7. Pics With Kids.

Pics with children are adorable and often show the kinder/more gently side of a person. However, some persons just aren’t interested in the prospect of being step-parents, and that’s okay. It’s in your best interest they swiped left in the first place.










Photo credit jonesandb

8. Which One Are Ya Luv?

Group profile pics are the worst for match making. How is/she supposed to know which one of ’em is you? The fact that you haven’t done something to rectify this doesn’t help either.













Photo credit nottingham.tab.uk

9. Pics In Bed.

I’m not quite sure what it is, but profile pics in bed just aren’t doing it for most of us. Some women can get away with it. It’s an absolute no-go for a guy.








Photo credit pedestrian.tv

10. Trying too hard.

Profile pics that try too hard to be anything often get swiped to the left. Unless you’re looking to get laid, most people will read through the obvious attempt to be sexy and assume there’s too much work to be done here.








Have you tried tinder? What are your thoughts on the application?